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I’ve got some issues using liquid with my objects’ attributes.

I was previously using {{company.owner}} when I was referring to the CRM owner of a company. 

But I recently created new Objects to refer to these companies and can’t figure out how to create liquid for an attribute linked to my objects companies.


I’m using {{ objects.companies[0].name }} to refer to the company itself but can’t find out how to refer to the owner as {{ objects.companies[0].owner }} doesn’t work. 


I also would like to use this in the following formula : {% if objects.companies | owner == 'Anaïs'  %} …


Could you please help me? :) 

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Hi @Eva_1604 


In this case, would you be able to check if your new object for companies - has the attribute “owner” it sounds like like your object may not have the attribute named “owner”, which is why the Liquid is failing? 

For this Liquid code: {% if objects.companies | owner == 'Anaïs'  %} would you be able to expand on what you’re hoping to achieve here? In this case, I believe the syntax should be along the lines of:

{% if objects.companies[0].owner == 'Anaïs' %} Hi Anaïs! {% ekse %}Hi there! {% endif %}


One thing that might be helpful would be to try to generate Liquid with AI and this help documentation would provide more details on this:

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Hi @Eva_1604 ,

Would you be able to check if your object companies has an attribute named “owner”? The syntax of {{ objects.companies[0].owner }} is correct but if it is failing - it is most likely due to a missing attribute - perhaps specific to the company that the profile you’re previewing for is related to. \

With regards to the IF condition, you’d most likely want to use:

{% if objects.companies[0].owner == ‘Anaïs’ %}Hi Anaïs{% else %} Hello there{% endif %}


In case it’s helpful, you could also try generating Liquid using AI. More on that here:

Hopefully this helps to move you along in the right direction!