Tracking who clicked which links in email

  • 8 February 2024
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Newbie here. I sent out my first campaign and trying to find in the documentation/community how to build a follow-up workflow for anyone who clicked on a specific link in the email. We identified an issue with our Book Me app that wasnt allowing them to schedule a demo. So we want to send them an email follow up to book via a new tool.


Thank you!!

4 replies

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Hi @amb and welcome 👋

The best way to identify the people who clicked on a specific URL so that you can follow-up with them would be to use a data driven segment

By creating a segment you can use a condition such as:

  • Email > [Name of your email action] > has ever > been clicked > on tracked link matching > [URL of the link]

This will then pull in all of the people who were sent the email from your campaign and allow you to set up a segment triggered email to those who already clicked, as well as automatically follow-up to those who click the incorrect link going forward.

I hope that helps to provide you with clarity here, @amb. For further reference on the above, these documentation articles here should be helpful:

If you need anything further, please do give us a shout. Cheers!

thank you! learning the tool and trying not to be intimidated by it.. i will give this a try today! thank you!

this worked! thank you!

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Excellent to hear @amb! Thanks so much for letting us know :)