Howto delete (or rename) FORMs

  • 23 February 2023
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I'm a Newbie here.

Im my CU IO testing there is now some FORMs I want to delete.
How do I clean up the FORMs list?
- forms was created with url and name when creating a campaign.



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4 replies

I'm trying something very simple. And here is how I can’t solve the task.
I don't know how it's possible, unless I choose to test all the test FORMs I've made to find the correct one that fits the FORM/url I want to link to

Picture 1
Here are all my FORMs I have created in test.
Where can I see which url they point to and how do I edit or delete each one?

Image 2
Here I insert the url so that CU IO can obtain information about it for the FORM I want to use.
When I try to save it, I can't save it because the same FORM is already in my list (in the list where I can't see or edit every single FORMs).

When I click on the link "use this form, instead", I expect it to use the FORM that CU IO is already associated with.

Picture 3.
After clicking on the link as in picture 2. I get an error message.

How do I edit my current FORMs?
How do I delete current FORMs?
How do I make, what I show in picture 2,3 and 4, to work?












After a few hours of looking through documentation and playing around a bit... then suddenly THERE, there were FORMs and by playing even more I actually mysteriously found out how to delete or rename FORMs. In fact, I have bookmarked the url to my favorites, because otherwise I not sure can't find it there again.

And no, I'm not stupid or wrong.

I found the FORM, can edit the name. But can’t delete is.

Any help?

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Hi Kim! 

At this time, it's not possible to delete forms or to replace the scanned URL for a form. We have an open feature request for this, so I'll take this opportunity to add a "vote" to the request on your behalf so that our product team knows that this would be a useful feature for you.

That said, we do have the option to disconnect them. To do so, you’ll want to navigate through Data and Integrations from the left-hand menu > Integrations > Forms > Use the three dots to the right of each form to disconnect or manage the form settings. 


Within the Manage settings, there is a button to Edit > Rescan URL, which when clicked will show the original form link. This will also rescan the form for all form fields (and pick up any new fields). 

I made a quick demo video here:

To resolve the campaign trigger issue you'll need to adjust the new form so that it contains a unique field that doesn't match the existing connected form.The easiest way to do this is to add a hidden field to the new form as described in our docs: