How to create and export a list of people who have finished/exited a specific campaign?

  • 8 December 2023
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How can I create and export a list of people who have finished/exited a specific campaign? 

I tried going into peoples and adding in conditions with attributes for these people to come up but it doesn’t give an accurate list.


I know this because when i go into the campaign itself and click on journeys I can see the entire list of who’s in and out but cant refine it in their to only include those that are leaving or who have exited early already.


3 replies

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Hi @Jobe ,

At the moment, it isn’t possible to export a list of people who have completed or exited a campaign. We have an open request for a feature like this that our team is tracking feedback on and I have upvoted it on your behalf so that our product team knows this is something that would be useful to you.

But in the meantime, one possible way to look for people would be to segment for people who have received the very last email in the campaign, that would help to give an idea of the people who have completed the campaign, and you can export this list of people

Apologies I don’t have any better news for you today but I hope this helps! 

Throwing my vote in here too. It would be extremely helpful to both export Campaign Statuses and filter on them in Segments.

You’ve probably worked with another tool that has this sort of logic built into your filtering, but like most automation tools, there are ways to do this with workarounds.

One additional workaround I’d add is to create and update an attribute at the end of the campaign. I would make it a date stamp, so that you can filter both on whether or not the campaign was completed (if a value exists) OR how long ago the campaign was completed.