Campaign with 4 emails spread out over several days/weeks - Not sending 2nd Emails

I have a campaign setup to send 4 emails. After the first one, it was suppose to send 4 days later the second email, then another email 4 days after that, and then again. For a total of 4 emails spread out between 4 days.


The first email was sent, but the second email never trigger. I even spot check to sent automatically and not in draft. I updated the campaign to a Time Window and asked to send the next day between x and x time, hoping it would catch and send the 2nd email, but it did not.

Anything else I can troubleshoot or force the second email to send?




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Hi @amb 

Could you please check the Drafts tab and confirm if the second email is there? Are the users stuck in the time delay, or did they skip the second email and move on to the next time delay before the third email? Additionally, could you send us a screenshot of your workflow?

Thank you.

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A couple of other places to always remember to check

  1. Filters: You might have set up your campaign with filters that would’ve removed the user from the campaign
  2. Conditions: You might have accidently copied or added conditions on the individual email steps that would have made it so users skipped that email