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Hi guys,

I am creating the campaign that has a few conditions:

  1. user will receive an email with a promo offer
  2. promo will only be applied if user opens an email (wait until delay) and downloads the app
  3. I was think to add True/False branch after “wait until” delay. Should I add any time delay for mobile app download condition to be checked? How I image the user behaviour - someone opens the email and might download the app within the next few. I am afraid that the condition will be checked straight away and users who will download the app later, will not qualify for the promo.

Can please someone advice? 🧐

Thank you!

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Hi Lina! Is there an event sent from the app to confirm user has it downloaded/authorized successfully? If so, I would suggest to add the next “Wait until” condition for the app.

However, I would be careful with using “Email open” as a mandatory condition. As some users might have image downloads disabled, so if they don't click any links, the open will not be recorded at all. 

My suggestion is to have the campaign enabled for the email recipients with the only condition to receive the promo code if they download/authorized in the app.

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I agree with Kriss here. Only stick to App download. I am laso curious: in order to identify the user they will have to also login, not only download the app, correct?


Well, you could leave out the time delay and users wait forever. You could also specify a time period that is fair, like 3 to 6 months and mention this in the promo code conditions. That way they will not receive the code 2 years later when downloading the app, wondering why the heck that happened 😉 chances are very low that users will expect to receive a promo code after 3 months in my opinion.


Hope that helps, 


Thanks a lot, guys!