Twilio Sub Accounts split between workspaces

  • 15 August 2022
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Recently, our team made a sub-account in Twilio so we can segment Dev and
Staging activity from our Production activity.

In our account, we have 3 workspaces (Dev, Staging, and Prod)
and I was wondering if we are able to separate our Twilio accounts based on
a workspace?

I was reading the documentation and it mentions no data is shared and that
workspaces are separate instances. However, when I clicked the Disable
Twilio button in our Dev workspace the warning message states that it will
remove Twilio numbers from

In order to not break any campaigns in Production, I wanted to send you an
email and get verification before I continue.


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1 reply

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Hey there, 

I had a look and can see you currently have the same Twilio SID set up in each workspace.

You can certainly separate the Twilio accounts based on each of the workspaces - to disable Twilio from a workspace yourself no numbers can be 'In Use' which I can see is the case in only your Staging workspace. Anything that is a part of your workspace settings instead of the account settings will not affect any of the other workspaces, but of course, I understand that was important to double-check!

Thank you for bringing my attention to the warning message that pops up as I can see how that doesn't specify it is per workspace (rather than your entire account). For that reason, I have mentioned this to our Design team to look at it being reworded.