In-app messages: display features

  • 16 August 2023
  • 1 reply

Hi! We are starting to explore in-app messages to replace our current method (having a designer create them and ios dev push them live). But one issue we have is that they just pop up very abruptly. Is there a way you can make it slide in or something less aggressive?


We also have an issue where if you turn your phone sideways, the pop up is responsive and rotates but the screen in the background stays and it looks super janky. Any thoughts??



1 reply

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Hey Rachel,

We’ve also received your query via our Technical Support Inbox on this, and our team has contacted you for more information in order for us to better dig into this for you. 

To keep all our responses in one place so it’s clearly for you, we’ll await your response via the Support Ticket created so we can keep troubleshooting this together!