Simple question about delays in workflow

  • 18 October 2023
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I just started a new campaign, with the first email being sent after a 3 weeks delay.

The 3 weeks delay is for when people enter a segment.


I started the campaign, but I want the email being sent immediately for the people who are already in this segment for over 3 weeks. But it looks like it’s gonna start sending in 3 weeks, like if the people already in the segment just joined now.


What’s the solution?


Thanks a lot

1 reply

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Hi There,

This is Byron from the technical support team.


If I understand the the situation correctly, you have a new campaign that has been triggered by people currently in the trigger segment(s) and they’re currently waiting in a time delay at the top of your workflow, and you want to move people out of the delay so that they can receive the first email ASAP, is that right?


I believe the best way to handle that would be to remove the time delay from the workflow, which should allow you to have people move through the campaign. Once this batch of journeys is released from the time delay, you can add a new time delay action to the campaign for anyone who triggers the campaign later.


If you don’t think that plan will work well for you, would you mind submitting a support ticket with a link to the campaign so we can take a closer look?