How to delete Attributes?

  • 4 January 2023
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Hi there, I created some attributes I didn’t end up really needing. How do you delete an attribute from all profiles in a workspace?


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5 replies


You can use the API, a CSV, or a campaign to delete attributes from all the people in your workspace:


Was not my question but mine is related to the same topic so I’ll just write it down here. We just deleted all the contacts in our data base for a fresh start and now I would like to delete all the attributes that we do not need from the data index. How do I do this? I know I can delete the attributes from a profile but I’d like to remove them from the data index.

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@Désirée once you delete these profile attributes from people - they will automatically disappear from Data Index.

This has already been answered, but I do want to highlight how this is very different from what you typically see in other marketing automation platforms. I don’t mind it actually, it makes things simple and flexible. One thing to be aware of is that over time your profile attributes can get out of hand, especially if your engineers set up new data flows and random attributes sneak in there (I’ve had that happen to me).

Thank you for asking this question, and all thanks to everyone who replayed. I also got my answer to my query.