Email everyone related to an an object?

  • 10 October 2023
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Is there a way through campaigns/broadcasts to send a message to everyone related to a specific object? For example update everyone at a company that someone at their company has made a change to a setting. 


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5 replies

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Hey cdanton,

you are lucky because I think this is a new feature in CIO. You can build segments related to relationships:


You could either send a broadcast “manually”.


Not sure right now if you can set up a trigger once the property of the company changed…


Hope that helps,


Thank you Felix. Yes I did see you can do that, the challenge is how to do this salably. Like every time there is an event related to a company to send and email to everyone in that company. Right now would need to set up a segment for every company, which feels redundant to the idea of having companies. 

This image would make you believe it’s possible but I think this is actually just messaging a segment where an object has bill_data < 30 days. It doesn’t all you to isolate one account specifically unless you do it by hand. 

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Hey cdanton,

I think what is needed here is an event based on the change of an object (here company). I just found out the feature is being released end of this month:

Custom Objects - Relationship Campaigns and Attributes

Will be available end of October, so you will have to wait a few more days😉


Yes, you can disseminate a message to everyone related to a specific object through campaigns or broadcasts. Utilizing communication channels such as company-wide emails, internal messaging platforms, or dedicated notification systems allows for the efficient delivery of updates. This enables timely communication regarding changes made by individuals within the company, such as adjustments to settings. Employing these tools ensures that relevant information reaches all concerned parties promptly.

For more information, You can also check this: coursewhich-appear-when-sending-an-email

I hope this helps!