Deeplink issue on iOS

  • 29 December 2023
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We are having issues with our deeplinks from our push notifications on ios. We are using the latest flutter sdk. Our deep link is a universal link (i.e. Our associated domain is set up correctly for ios, as are our push notifications capabilities.


On Android, deep links work and tapping on a CIO notifications redirects to the right page on our app.


On iOS, notifications with deep links do not redirect. On iOS, a CIO notification with a deep-link is delivered successfully and tapping it brings us to the app, but the deep link itself doesn’t work, even though the same deep link works on android. When opening the deep link itself on our iOS device (not from a CIO push notification but from slack or a text), it opens our app and navigates us correctly within the app, which confirms to me that our iOS deep links configuration is correct.


Are we missing a config somewhere? Any suggestions welcomed!

1 reply

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Hey @Sinbad 


We’ve responded to you via email, we’ll be on the lookout there. To recap, we’ve asked for you to... 

  1. Run the SDK tools and share the output with us
  2. When sending yourself a push and tapping on the notification, capture debug logs and share them with us

We'll keep on the lookout for your reply!