URL Parameters - Specify static Parameter in Header of Email

  • 5 May 2023
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Hello all,

I want to integrate manually defined URL Parameters for tracking purposes. Therefore, I added a liquid code in the email settings as a URL parameter value that checks if the static tracking variable exists and if so to use it as URL parameter. I then added some liquid in the email to capture the values:


Workspace settings > URL parameters

KEY: utm_content

VALUE: {% if email_content %}{{email_content}}{% endif %}



{% capture email_content %}sale_autumn{% endcapture %}


Turns out, this does not work. utm_content is always empty. Is there any chance I can make this work?


Notes: I don’t want to use {{}} or {{}} and I tried it with “assign” instead of “capture”.


Thank for your help 😉


Best answer by Byron 5 May 2023, 21:18

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Hey Felix,


Byron here from the technical support team.


From what I can determine, it won’t be possible to include email content in global UTM parameters. Our docs provide a list of the liquid tags that are available to use for UTM params at this time:


There is a workaround you can try to see if it works for you.

On links that you want to include utm_content, add the disable-url-params class:

The class only disables global parameters and will allow you to manually set your own URL parameters that do not have the same limitations as global parameters in workspace settings. 



{% assign email_content = 'autumn_sale' %}

<a href="{{email_content}}"

class="disable-url-params">a link with utm content</a>


Result from a test email:


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Hey Byron,

thanks for the answer, the first link helped a lot, even though now I can’t get my plan to work...😉 Still good to know for the future.


Thank you!