Updating a Company Logo in Inbox Previews

  • 11 October 2023
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Welcome to this quick guide on updating the background of your company logo in email previews. This can be particularly useful when you want to change the aesthetics of your emails or match them with your company's theme on Customer.io.



Does your company logo show up on a grey background during an email preview and you'd like to switch it to a different color, say white? You're not alone in this. This might seem like a technical problem to solve but it's actually simpler than you'd think.



Fun fact to begin with… this image is referred to as a BIMI, that stands for ‘Brand Indicators for Message Identification’.

You BIMI logos and other brand images images are actually not controlled via Customer.io itself - instead, email clients choose to display them based on the sender's email information. This help document outlines this in much more detail (which also has some helpful links within it as well), but depending on the inbox, there are a few different places that you might need to check in order to locate your master image. Once you have located it and made sure you have the right permissions to make changes, you can go ahead and do so via a simple image uploader interface.



For more information, you can visit the following link on how to set a sender image in Customer.io: Setting a sender image in Customer.io

1 reply

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I love the BIMI idea, but we realized the implementation is (unfortunately) a little bit complicated because you have to buy a license and go through a lot of steps. I went through the process with a couple of clients already and it were always some unexpected problems which seemed to be unforseeable.