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  • 4 January 2024
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I’m having problems with low deliverability, about 80% of my emails aren’t being delivered… i don’t really know what to do. Some get delivered, some don’t. 


ps: we have nearly zero spam complaints or unsubscribe,


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Within your workspace, if you go can do the following you should be able to see what is causing any failed deliveries:

  1. On the left menu click into Deliveries & Drafts
  2. Filter to Failed
  3. Expand the messages and view the reason

If you are seeing a reason like: Reason Variable '' is missing (or some other missing varaible reason)

Then your messages are failing due to your messages being unable to render since the customer profiles are missing the attribute values you are attempting to use to personalize your messages.

If that is the main reason you are seeing, then you would want to implement some fallback logic within the liquid you are using (outlines in this document):

Hello {% if != blank %}{{ }}!{% else %}friend!{% endif %}

Hope that helps! If you are seeing any errors related to mail servers rejecting your messages or bounced messages, you may want to reach out to the Technical Support team for a closer look.