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  • 23 August 2022
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Heya, I’m monitoring my Activity Logs tab with a focus on ‘Failed to send email’.

I’ve just noticed that a lot of campaigns are showing the following reason for not sending, eg. reason: "To field: "" is invalid"

Is there a way to filter out those invalid emails?



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3 replies

Hey Enrico, automatically filters emails that do not meet the RFC 5322 standard doesn’t filter addresses beyond this standard, with the exception of profiles that return a hard bounce


You may consider using a dynamic segment to filter addresses that do not return a hard bounce and have an invalid address.


For instance, a segment similar to the following should capture a majority of the failed addresses -

Note: I’ve added an “at least 10 times” condition to this example as you may want to safeguard against profiles that return a failed delivery as a result of malformed liquid in message content, etc…

As Travis is mentioning above the audience can be adjusted with customer segments. I’ve added a filter on the Trigger, not to let anyone further from the very beginning that doesn’t have a correct email. Then the segment itself includes a list of the most common email mis-spellings. This filter out most of the contacts quite ok.



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@Enrico Have you seen the Emailable integration? 

I haven’t used it. Looks like they may help with some automated list cleaning at the delivery level.