Email not sent to BCC recipient


I would like my email campaign to  be sent to my target people and also to a CCI email of my choice like for example :


I sent an email to hundreds of people

and also this one email is sent (CCI) to one email address of my choice (a person)


I tried using the BCC option (crossing and uncrossing it) as the campaign was on “draft” status, i sent a test to the target people, they received it but not the email address I put on the BCC option.


Could you help me please ?



Best answer by Felix 5 June 2023, 17:19

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Hello Alison,

have you tested the “Fake BCC” otipon as well? I also think testing it via draft might not work here. You create and start a “live test” in which you selected only a seedlist of emails while starting the campaign as a normal one and see if you receive the BCC email.

Hope that helps,


Hello Felix,

Thanks for your answer.

I tried again after putting the campaign in live mode and it worked perfectly. I used to “Fake BCC” option.

You were right, it doesn’t work if it’s a draft.

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Hey Alison,

glad to hear that 🙃