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  • 2 October 2023
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I’m trying to add emails to a campaign as I draft them. Currently the Workflow has two emails in it, the first email was sent last week, and the second I want to send right away. The trigger is if people are in two segments, and not in a third. The second message conditions are if they were sent the first email in the campaign and they are not in a certain segment (same as Trigger conditions). I just added this email today/ says active campaigns it will become live immediately but when do I see that the emails have been sent.

The campaign is set so that people only exit the campaign when they are no longer in those segments, or they achieve the conversion goal.

My second email should be sending to about 421 people -- when do I see that this has happened?


Thank you!



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Hi Rose, 


In terms of sending the second email, is this after a time delay that people are currently waiting in after receiving the first email? In terms of how campaigns work, apart from the Goal and Exit settings, people also exit the campaign as soon as they reach the end of the workflow. In this case, if people had exited the campaign after receiving the first email (as they have reached the end of the workflow) before you added the second email, then they wouldn’t receive this. 


There are a few ways to see what might have happened here:

  1. You can click on the Journeys tab of the campaign and click on an example person to review their campaign journey to see the history. 
  2. You can also go to the Metrics tab and see the number of emails that have been sent out for the second email.

I hope this helps! 



Thank you Penny!


So is it best practice to have everything drafted and then set up the entire campaign beforehand? What if you need/want to make changes to a live campaign? What would you recommend/suggest?


Thanks again,


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Hey Rose, 

you can edit live campaigns just on the go and changes will be love immediately. If you want to double check first you can either change the status of the email to draft.

You even can (in order to not stop the email you want to edit from being sent) make a copy of the email, set this to draft, makes changes and replace the old version (the KPIs of the first version will be gone, though!)


Hope that helps


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Hey Rose, 

Ideally, it would be best to design your campaign and have everything in place before going live. But of course, we can understand that making changes to an ongoing campaign can’t be helped. Making specific changes in a live campaign can sometimes cause unexpected behaviour. In this case, we would recommend that you check this help article so you might have an idea of what to expect before making changes:


With that said, based on your use case for example where you want to build a campaign where you want to add emails along the way. One possible option would be to make use of time delays. 

For example, here I have 2 emails. After my 2nd email, there’s a 1 week time delay, allowing me time to add a third email while people are waiting in that time delay:



This will prevent people from exiting the campaign before you’ve finished adding emails to your campaign. 


​I hope this helps and gets you moving along in the right direction. ◡̈