Where to find additional data being sent to CIO

  • 1 May 2023
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I’ve got Amplitude piping data to CIO via the API. Amplitude says that it is also sending additional user properties and event properties. I see the event properties categorized under the event, but can’t find the user properties anywhere.

We’re mapping users based on user_id, but the second property I’m sending over is email -- I want to be de-duplicating users and adding email addresses where they’re missing. So I’d like to also map the Amplitude email to the CIO email, but cannot figure out how to make that happen.

Any ideas?


Best answer by Chad 1 May 2023, 19:15

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Hi Jenny,

Amplitude lets you send event and user properties in the same call, but doesn’t quite work that way.

Event (track) calls in can’t set user properties/attributes. You have to use our identify method to set user properties. So for each Amplitude event/payload, you’d have to either:

  • Send separate track and identify calls for event and user properties respectively.
  • Use our batch API and split your payload into track and identify objects.

Hope this helps!