What file types can be stored?

  • 6 February 2023
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I’m trying to prepare my team for migration o What types of files does accept? Is there a maximum size my files can be?

2 replies

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Hello! Cool to hear that you’re getting ready to migrate :)

On the Assets page, you can store images that you want to reuse across messages, so you don’t have to upload the same image over and over again.

The Content > Assets page provides an interface for you to upload and store images, so you can reuse images across messages in your workspace.

You can store and reuse images in bmpjpegpng, and gif formats. You can also store PDFs, letting you link to files your audience might want to download. All files must be smaller than 3MB.

This is a new-ish feature, so for now, you’ll copy the URLs of your images to reuse them in messages. In the near future, you’ll be able to add assets from within the message builders themselves.

Hope this helps! There’s cool stuff being worked on actively in this area.

Cheers :) 

Thanks for your thoughtful explanation @SuperNat !


For data storage, I see JSON listed on your website. Should I consider this the preferred way to store and transfer data to