unable to create people

  • 21 December 2023
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I send a creation request according documentation


# coding=utf-8

from customerio import CustomerIO, Regions

site_id = '...'
api_key = '...'

def add_people(userid, user_data):
cio = CustomerIO(site_id, api_key, region=Regions.EU)

# create a Person
cio.identify(id=userid, **user_data)


the response is 200, but this data is not displayed in the People section. How to create?

1 reply

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Hey there,

Would you be able to check and confirm that you’re looking in the correct workspace corresponding to the site_id and api_key used in your workspace? 

Per our documentation on this endpoint: if the identifier in the path and request body belong to different people, your request may return 200 OK but produce an Attribute Update Failure for the identifier in the payload, so you might also check to see if this could be the case here. 

Is this request not working for one specific profile, or is it not working for every/any profile? Would you be able to share the actual request payload (redacting any sensitive information such a site_id/api_keys or identifiable information of the profile you’re adding)?