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  • 9 June 2023
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We are intending to use to engage with our users during the onboarding process at least for the initial setup. As a starting point, we currently are storing all our events on Mixpanel. And these are divided into user-level events as well as account/org-level events.

As per's setup is concerned, we have all the people stored as well as created a custom object to create companies and then will add relationships among them. 


The reason I am reaching out to you is for the following reasons listed below,

  1. Set up to send all the events from Mixpanel for users and companies in real-time.
  2. Update all the user-level & account-level attributes as per the events from Mixpanel.
  3. Whenever users & companies are added from Mixpanel - create relationships either based on the domain of the email of the users or a common attribute. 

Looking forward to hearing from you. 


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Hey there, 

How are you sending your event, user-level, and account-level data to Mixpanel? If it’s via a direct integration, I recommend you pass them through’s Data Pipeline first. That way, you can connect the data both to Mixpanel *and* to I.e. it’ll decrease the integration work considerably. And even more so if you decide to pass some or all of that same data to other destinations (e.g. a CRM, a Support tool, a Livechat tool, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads).  

As a note, Mixpanel also has a Data Pipelines feature you could use to pass data to Last I checked, it costs on the order of thousands of dollars per month, however, whereas Data Pipelines is free up to 1 million API calls per month. We’ve got a different strategy than Mixpanel there. 

If you’d like to check out Data Pipelines, please send me an email at from whatever email account you use to log in to I can enable it for you. 


Group Product Manager,

Hey, Brendan. Thanks for your response. 
We currently send data to Mixpanel directly with their available events feature. 
We were somewhere looking at, having a Mixpanel Webhook setup and then utilise’s APIs in order to get the data into the platform. 
Nevertheless, I see your Data Pipeline product being a major win for us in this particular use case. 

But ofcourse, we would love to test both possibilities first, evaluate based on the feasibility and the pricing POV. 

Will send you an email shortly.