Identify Users on my WIX website and track events

  • 11 April 2024
  • 2 replies

I have installed the basic snippet that is provided by and am now struggling to identify my users and track custom events like button clicks and page views. I was hoping someone here has had some experience with this and could offer me support?

2 replies

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Hey Matt,

are you using GTM? I would recommend you using it if it is already implemented. I assume you followed these instructions and created your custom events as described here?


What exactly is not working?

I have followed the instructions you linked and am receiving page view data however, I have tried adding _cio.identify to the checkout of our website and nothing comes across.  

<script type="text/javascript">
    id: document.getElementById('form-field-input-3208810e-3ba7-495a-8bb9-d3c567e2119f').value,
    first_name: document.getElementById('form-field-input-f845502f-b248-4c86-c784-9a7e5111c9fb').value,
    last_name: document.getElementById('form-field-input-d7a77011-2501-4b61-2141-5ba30e8a3b1e').value
Each element is the input for the customers information.