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  • 17 February 2023
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In case I am using different languages in my emails after setting up the localization feature: How can I see the performance of all versions? Is it possible to filter in the anayltics dashboard by “langauge”?


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2 replies

Hi there,

Thanks for posting in the Community about this.

I wanted to jump in here as a member of the team, as I’m afraid I don’t have the news you’re probably hoping for today. 

At the moment it isn't possible to view and compare the language metrics in the Analysis page. We have an open request for this feature which our team is tracking feedback on, so I will be sure to add your note here too.

If you have time to elaborate a little on how or why this feature expansion would be useful to you, I would really appreciate the additional insight. This always helps us when considering roadmap and feature request decisions, so anything you can add would be wonderful. 

Apologies that I don't have better news for you today, but we do appreciate you taking the time to share with us how you would like to use 

Hope you to see you back in the Community soon! Support Team

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Thanks for your answer! It is important because our client wants to start out with the localization feature for every campaign in order to save valuable time setting up one campaign for each country. Since the user behavior across regions might vary, it seems important to track this in order to see and react to patterns within a country.


Is it possible to transfer this localization data to a BI tool via integrations or exports?