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  • 28 September 2022
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We've uploaded some 20k+ dummy accounts into for testing purposes and we would like to delete those profiles forever. However, I can not find a way to bulk delete these profiles. Is there a way to delete in one go all profiles without a specific attribute?


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3 replies

Hey Enrico!

To delete all profiles from a given workspace, you will need to do so from a filtered view of the People page. Navigate to the People page in your workspace, and then add an attribute condition filter that uses logic such as "attribute 'id' exists". This logic would be true for all customers in the workspace since this is a required attribute to create a profile. This filter would then return all matching profiles, which you can then click "Select All" and "Delete" from there as you were hoping.


Adding a filter is an intentional safeguard as we were seeing too many of our customers inadvertently delete their entire user lists. 

I have the same issue, but I cannot remove the people since they are 30k+. The interface shows a pop up saying
“The search returned too many matches to select all people. Try refining the search to narrow the results”
How can I proceed to remove all those people?

@Violeta You can build a simple segment to cut the database in half, then you would view the list of contacts for that segment and then delete them all. Just a little bit of extra work but not too complicated.