Data disparity

  • 9 October 2023
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There is some data within the customer io platform that is causing some confusion for me and my team, when we look at the total number of push notifications delivered we are experiencing a disparity with the total number of push notifications in other categories, for example, we can assume that 20,000 push notifications were sent, but in delivered we have 17500, if we look at where the 2500 push notifications that were not delivered went we can see that when we add the values ​​in all other categories (Ex. Bounced) we do not have the same value as the total number of push notifications sent, some are simply as if they never existed, never fit into anything, where do these push notifications go? We are having some metrics problems due to this data disparity.

1 reply

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Hello Kalebe,

It’s usually best to check an example push message metrics so we can look into the details. One thing to note when you are seeing discrepancies or if the Push Delivered Metrics are not being recorded correctly for Push Notifications; we’d recommend to always update to the latest the SDK which you can find here:

In case the discrepancy continues to exist after updating the SDK, please reply on this thread so I can get in touch with you and gather more details about the issue.