About the data range parameters in Message endpoint

  • 21 March 2024
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Hi Team
I’m working on Customerio API from Fivetran team.Here I wanted to confirm about the date range parameters start_ts and end_ts from Message API is based on created date or any other parameters to configure these.Can you confirm on this date params.

1 reply

Hi Rambabu,
Daniel here from - Thanks for reaching out! I understand you need some clarification on the start_ts & end_ts timestamp parameters in the List Messages App API Call.
These two date parameters are indeed based on the date a message was created and can be used to filter results for messages created within a specific time period. From there, you can use the metric parameter to include specific metric information for these messages specified in your time period selected.
On a side note, our team is currently reviewing this documentation as the created value for the metric parameter doesn't seem to be supported at this stage.
Otherwise, I hope this has helped out!