Workflow branch on event occurrence count

  • 15 November 2023
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Hi. I’m attempting to create a workflow that is essentially these three steps:


  1. send email A
  2. wait 1 day, and then if event X hasn’t occurred yet send email B
  3. wait 1 more day, and then if event X hasn’t occurred twice send email C


In Braze I know you can set rules on event triggers such as event-received-at-least-n-times and event-received-less-than-n-times. Does have an equivalent way of structuring this logic or is it on me to send a different event for the second occurrence?



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2 replies

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Hi @leemhenson ,


It isn’t quite the same in and we can’t do this from within the workflow. But as an easy workaround we can create a data-driven segment to look for whether a specific event has been performed 2 times (and if you want, you can specify a timeframe as well). 


Here’s a quick example: 


Within the workflow, in Step 3, you can use a True/False branch to check if the person belongs in the above segment to determine if they should get email C. 

​I hope this helps to get you moving along in the right direction! ◡̈




Perfect, thanks Penny!