Setup a campaign which distributes sendouts only to the first 20 users

  • 24 February 2024
  • 3 replies

How can we set a campaign in which we want to give let’s say 100 rewards, randomly, but only the first 20 users who perform the event of the campaign (for ex. login on the website) can get the maximum amount of the reward? 

3 replies

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Hi @Milena87 


At the moment, I’m afraid that there isn’t a way to specifically identify or segment for the first 20 profiles who performs a particular event, based on a random cohort branch. 

We have an open request for a feature like this to limit/throttle the number of people that go down a certain path that our team is tracking feedback on, and I have upvoted it on your behalf so that our product team knows this is something that would be useful to you.


Apologies I don’t have better news or a workaround on this for you today!

Thank you for your response! If we cannot distribute randomly the awards between the first 20 or 100 users, is there a way to create an attribute which counts the awards given ? Then we can limit the times this attribute was sent to users. 

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@Milena87 unfortunately at the moment, the only workaround to count people is based on their own attributes, but we are unable to count the number of people. 

If we add people to a segment after they have been given an award, you can see the number of people who enter the segment and you can remove or stop the awards when it hits the 20 or 100, but it will require manual monitoring which I understand is not ideal. Apologies I don’t have a better workaround here in this case!