Can I use the API to send "All Drafts" in a campaign?

  • 11 September 2023
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Hello, I'd like to know if it's possible to use an API call to send all drafts in a campaign. While I'm aware that we can change the "sending state," this doesn't address my need. I aim to have drafts sent out at a specific time every week (on Fridays). However, since people join the campaign at different times, setting a fixed time delay won't be effective. Is there an alternative method to achieve this?


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We do not have an external API call that would allow you to send all the draft in a campaign, but if a 1-2 hours time window on Fridays could work for you, you could still change the sending state and add a time window before the email you’re sending so that people only receive it on Friday between specific hours. In the example below, if someone joins the campaign on Monday, they would wait until Friday between 9:00 AM and 10:00 AM Eastern Standard Time to receive the email.

The minimum one hour time window is to allow people to continue their journeys on time in case you have a large group waiting, but if there are only a couple hundreds people in the time window, they will go through in a matter of minutes.

If the time window does not match your use case, you could try API-triggered broadcasts where you have full control over the delivery time and the targeted group. You can learn more about this option from


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Awesome, thank you very much!