Are you able to show results of each individual step in a journey?

  • 22 March 2023
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I would love to visualize my customers journey on an individual level (what campaigns they are a part of, exited early, unsubscribed, converted, etc). Is this possible?


Best answer by Felix 22 March 2023, 16:45

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Hey Taylor,

good question. The first (and actually) only idea had was to use the journey view in the customer’s profile page. You will find there the status of each campaign the customer is or was in. In addition to that you can use the activity log to see conversions, opens, clicks etc.


Hope that helps,

Felix 🙂

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As Felix mentioned, the only method for tracking a profile’s journey(s) would be to go into the UI and look at their Journey’s tab. This requires that you click around to view each journey, one profile at a time and one journey at a time. It sounds like you’re looking to build out some kind of reporting tool to help you visualize all of this, but our API doesn’t currently have any supported endpoints that would help you extract this data.


If you want to share more details about your use case and help us write out a feature request that captures exactly what you’re hoping to do, please write us an email at referencing this community post. :)