Are there any site tracking possibilities that'll allow us to send emails when a user lands on a certain page?

  • 29 January 2023
  • 3 replies

For example, I would love to start a campaign when I see that a user has viewed our ‘how to cancel’ page or ‘how to upgrade’ page to proactively reach out. Is this possible? Thanks!

3 replies


Hey Kayla!


I am pretty sure that’s possible if you have the Javascript snipped embedded on your landing page, then you can create a segment with the conditions: have viewed page with URL matching “*”.

Hope that helps! :)

@larstheunissen Thank you! I’ll look into it. Might be a far shot but would it be possible to segment even further with “have viewed page” to segment on how long they viewed the page for?


Great, glad I could help! That’s another good question, right now it’s not possible to based on duration on a landing page have users fall into a segment. Out of curiosity, what would your use case be?