Prevent Push Notifications from being attempted to profiles that don't have devices

  • 2 June 2023
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I’m trying to understand push notifications. I have a large number of "attempted" and "undelivered" because there is no device synced to the customer profile. How can we add a condition to not send notifications to those customers?


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Hi Alexander 👋 Aaron here from the support team.

One way that you can achieve this is by using action conditions to prevent sending push messages to profiles without any devices synced:

Alternatively, you can set up a Filter and Exit conditions on a campaign so that anyone without a device (one of our built-in data-driven segments) will be filtered out of the campaign if no device is synced:

I’d recommend the former if you have other message types (such as email) in your campaign that you’d like to send even if the customer doesn’t have a device.

Let us know if you have any other questions, we're always happy to help. 😊