How to request iOS provisional notifications in React Native?

  • 2 February 2024
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According to the docs, the SDK supports provisional notifications.

Beginning in iOS 12, you can request provisional authorization and send provisional push notifications—messages that don’t have an alert or play sounds. Our native iOS SDK supports provisional push notifications, but our other iOS-supporting SDKs do not support provisional push.


Unfortunately, there is no example of how to request provisional notifications. This is possible Expo Notifications, but not in Customer IO’s React native SDK.

ios: {
allowAlert: true,
allowBadge: true,
allowSound: true,
allowProvisional: true,

But the only options in are:

ios: {
sound: true,
badge: true

Looking at the code in GH, I don’t see support for provisional notifications.

1 reply

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Hi @ypgrandstand 

Unfortunately, we do not support provisional push notifications in react native at the moment but we’ve logged this as a feature request on your behalf so our team can continue to track feedback for future product development considerations.

In the meantime, I believe you’ve also opened a Github issue directly in our React Native repo and our mobile developers will respond directly on the workaround you shared!