Understanding Campaign Behavior: Unsubscription Case

  • 13 October 2023
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Welcome to another Community Post! Today we are going to take you through a question that was raised by a customer who wanted to find out more about how a journey would be affected if someone unsubscribes in the middle of it.



If you look in detail at your journeys, you may run into a situation where an unsubscribed user is still listed to receive an email from a campaign in the near future, raising doubts whether the unsubscription should have immediately removed the recipient from the journey.



Our technical team has provided some insights into this scenario. 

Here is the response that they provided, after exploring the customer’s campaign:

I can see that a profile will enter the campaign when they meet the trigger conditions below:

Your exit condition is "They stop matching the trigger segment or filters". Since the profile is now in the "Unsubscribed" segment, they will exit the campaign once they get out of the time delay. Per your campaign's settings, people will exit the campaign when it's time to send a message and they:
No longer match the trigger and filters, even if they have not received any delivery from this campaign.


To summarize, we evaluate a profile’s eligibility for a given message once they reach the next stage in the journey that they are currently in. In the case of this specific journey, the next evaluation will take place after the time delay and at that point the profile will leave. the campaign.



We hope this post helps you to better understand the campaign operations on our platform. Stay tuned for more informative posts!

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