[In-App Message] Multiple Choice Survey Option

  • 3 January 2024
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We’re trying to implement a post-conversion attribution survey, and want to display an in-app message that asks a user which channels they’ve seen an ad on. We’d like to allow them to choose from a few different options (Facebook, Google, etc).


I know that there’s a basic micro-survey template, but wondering if anyone has had any luck doing a multiple choice survey in-app message where a user can select multiple options.


Thanks in advance!


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2 replies

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Hey @davidl 


At this time, our in-app survey feature doesn’t have the ability to record a multi-select response. We do, however, have a feature request for this and so I’ve added your vote to that. 🗳️


In the meantime, you can “chain” together yes/no questions by using the “Show Another Message” Button action (this is setup in the in-app template builder) to show another message after your customer clicks on a response.

Gotcha, thanks @Jordan! 🙏