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  • 28 April 2023
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We're implementing the in-app messages and want to use custom actions to perform a specific task when the user taps the button. That task being opening the browser inside our app, that's why using the built-in link to web page action does not work for us. Another reason is that, sometimes, we want to populate the base URL we retrieve from the message before opening it.

To achieve this, we resorted to custom actions. I created a simple one where I set the action name to something we can identify within the app, like open_in_app_browser, and the action value to the desired URLlet's say

On the app, I'm detecting the open_in_app_browser action and retrieving the URL from the action value successfully. However, the in-app message doesn't dismiss when the button is tapped, which results in the message being on top of our app always:

That's not our desired behaviour, we want the message to close and do something with it when the button is tapped.

Is there a way to manually dismiss the message with a SDK call for iOS? I skimmed through the documentation, but couldn't find any.
I also tried to embed one action within another, where one is the custom action and the other is a close action, and vice versa, with no success.


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Hi Kevin,

Thank you for this question :)

I'm afraid it's not currently possible to use the message dismiss feature for mobile apps, as it only works for in-app messages on web apps. However, we do have a feature request that will allow the message to be dismissed when using the mobile SDKs. I have added your use case to that so our Product team knows that this would be very useful to you!

I recommend that you keep an eye out on our Release Notes page for this feature to become available.

I hope that helps to explain why it is not working for you, please let us know if you have any follow-up questions! 

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Just to follow up, I have been in contact with our Mobile Engineers here at and they have confirmed this feature is on the short-term roadmap so shouldn’t be too far away!

We hope to have an update for you soon! 

- Maddie

Thanks for the response, we found a workaround:
We're using the close action with the action name set to something like "open_browser=". Once the SDK calls the delegate method messageActionTaken, we parse the info and reacting to it. It's not the best solution, but it's working until CustomerIO supports this.


@Kevin Exciting update as we head into the weekend-- we've release the ability to "dismiss" an in-app message through code to the SDKs.

Thanks so much for your patience and vote to help this feature get this prioritized. Let me know if you have any questions or additional feedback on this or additional. Have a great weekend!