Creating notes on individual users

I was wondering if anyone knows what the best way to add notes on individual users would be. Would doing it through creating an attribute called “notes” be best or is there another way?

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@atharvk18 can you explain a bit more what you would like to store in notes, and how you intend to use them? are they coming from your application, or are you looking for a way to enter notes in the UI for some users, like in a CRM?


in generel, storing notes in an attribute sounds like a good plan. as an attribute can also store data structured as JSON, you could even store multiple notes including e.g. date of creation in just one attribute, limited to 1000 bytes of information per attribute

The notes would be used to store general information on users (i.e. what groups they’re part of, any additional information needing to be stored that’s not worth creating an attribute for) like a CRM. Appreciate the feedback on storing as an attribute