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  • 21 March 2023
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Hi everyone,

I just arrived on and I am at a crossroad in terms of set-up.

Basically, I have a two-sided marketplace in an “Airbnb-like” business, with travelers and hosts.

I need to have very different conversations and data models for travelers (welcome, reactivation, etc.) and hosts (e.g. finish onboarding, set correct prices etc.).

I am wondering about the best set-up on about this : what is the best way ? Should I create 2 different workspaces ? Should I look into objects ? Should I keep everything in one workspace on a “meta” data model for hosts and travelers ? 

I imagine this is quite a standard matter for all marketplaces.

Any recommendation and experiences to share on this ?
Thank you very much in advance !!



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Hey Guillaume,

I would definitley recommend to create two workspaces. This is exactly what they are made for. You can separate all the data without mixing them up.

Objects are like companies in a CRM, so in the end of the day, you would only associate a user to an object, but you would not send a message to the “objcet” / company. In your case though, you want to do this so I feel like this is not a good setup for you.

You could use objects for both workspaces, though. In the “host” workspace the objects are the travelers, in the “traveler” workspace the objects are the hosts. That way you can use the information of the counterpart to be displayed in messages.


Hope that helps,

Felix 🙂