Versioning workflows to avoid data loss

  • 8 June 2023
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Good evening,

Has anybody ever wondered what is the best way to peacefully write workflows and develop new actions or edit existing actions, without having to worry about losing your data when you, for example, delete wrongfully a step in your workflow ?

I have non-engineering people customizing workflows and I wanted to be able to create a versioning system to enable rollbacks, as well as using the same “code base” between workspaces.


I don’t know if I’m looking at this the wrong way but in my opinion at least a API based deploy should be available.


Does anybody have any thoughts on this ?




Gabriel Guzzo


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Hi @gmguzzo,

I’m afraid at the moment, we don’t have a campaign versioning feature to be able to “undo” something that was mistakenly deleted for example. We have a few related feature requests to what you’re looking for that is on our team’s radar:

  1. To be able to view change logs of a campaign
  2. A campaign version control feature

Both of which so that so that accidental edits can be traced back to edit as necessary. I will upvote both of these on your behalf and share your use case so that our product team knows this is something that would be useful to you.

In the meantime, in the worse-case scenario, and you need a campaign to be rolled back to a previous version, you could reach out to our Technical Support Team and we’ll be happy to help. 

In terms of using the same “code base” so to speak, one easy way is to duplicate entire workflow or a section of the workflow of your campaign to a new campaign (in the same or a different workspace). This section of our help documentation goes over this in more detail:

it isn’t possible to update or edit a campaign via the API and this needs to be updated via the UI currently. We also have a feature request open for this and I will also upvote this for you. 

Apologies I don’t have better news on this front for you today but I hope this helps!