Dynamic Email Content

  • 24 January 2024
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Is there a way to send dynamic blocks content in 


I know there are some products out there that claim to do this and some integrate with, but trying to do this just within 


By dynamic blocks - I’m referring to attributes that present the real time info when the recipient opens the message. So if attribute X was product A at 12pm and the email is sent at 12pm. User 1 who opens it at 12:30 sees product A. But at 3pm, attribute X is updated to product B so when User 2 opens the message at 4pm, they see product B. 

1 reply

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Hi Tommy,

Great question! At the moment, this isn’t possible. The data is dynamic to the point when the email is sent based on any attributes that you’re referencing. However, this cannot be changed once the email is sent. 

While it is possible to set different content based on the time that the email is sent, it isn’t possible to update the content dynamically based on the time the recipient opens the email. 

Hopefully this helps to clarify!