Data Cleaning for Name and address formatting

Does anyone gave a good suggestion for data cleaning in  I know services like kickbox will work for emails.  I am looking to correct name and physical address formatting.


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Hey there!

Thank you for your question. We’ll be happy to explore options here.

Could you please share examples of the name and physical address name you have now and what you want them to be? It’s be super useful!



John doe = John Doe

john doe = John Doe

JOHN DOE = John Doe



Thank you for sharing the examples!

It’s possible to format your attribute values with liguid tags Capitalize or Titlecase.

I’m sharing our documentation:


You’d want to create a campaign that is triggered by a segment that contains all this attributes your want to format, and have a sing Create or Update Person action, where you’ll use the liquid tags:

I hope it helps!


You can also check our blog posts about liquid: