Best Customer Service Platform Integration?

  • 19 March 2024
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In customer service / support situations I find it very helpful to look up user/customer data in to see what user attributes or events are present. at the same time is not a customer service platform (I appreciate that stays focused!), therefore I’m wondering what the best platforms for startups and small companies are that integrate well with or best practices how to integrate. With customer service platform I mean products like Zendesk, etc. And I of course checked the integration catalog on already but didn’t find many options.


The use cases that I would like to have covered:

  • when user contacts customer support (creates a ticket, sends email or chat) and e.g. only provides email, data is enriched with data from if data is available
  • access to profile data within a widget inside the customer service platform or set up a deep link that opens the user profile on in a new tab
  • potentially also log customer service requests to (e.g. as events “service_request_submitted”, “…_resolved” etc)

I am aware that a custom integration via APIs can be implemented anytime, but I’m looking for solutions / platforms or example setups that you have that are maybe easier to implement and require less dev work. 

Maybe even someone from can share their setup as you most probably use your own tools in combination with some customer service platform as well?

Thanks for any inputs!

3 replies

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Hey André, 

Here are the ones I know about:

- Helpscout

- HubSpot Service Hub

- Intercom

- Zoho

- Zendesk


HupSpot Service Hub is the only one that has a free tier (surprisingly). I was surprised how expensive they all are. I would recommend you to use to integrate one of them. That's a little bit of dev work, but still feasible 😉


Hope that helps, 


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Thanks @Felix! I know all those solutions more or less and yes, they all cost a lot for SMEs or startups. 

Of course (or Zapier) is an option, but I was wondering if is maybe recommending suitable partners or actively looking for partnerships so that ist not needed anymore. I know from the integrations catalog ( that SupportBee and LiveChat are other available options, of wich SupportBee seems reasonably priced.

Other options based on your experience anyone?

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@Jordan as is most probably (and hopefully) not covering this customer support area with the own product but as explained above is closely interconnected with journeys product, can you share whether is actively looking to partner with more platforms in this area? what are your recommended products that play well together with