Where can I insert transactional messages?

  • 27 February 2023
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Am I able to leverage transactional notifications in a multichannel journey (order confirmation, still working on it, order shipped, order delivered)? Are transactional messages available for all channels as well?

1 reply

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Hey @GabeGill 


Transactional Messages are currently restricted to a single channel: Email


While you can trigger Transactional Messages anywhere that you can create a Webhook Action (using this API endpoint), and send your emails via our Transactional IP addresses, for simplicity we would suggest simply using an Email action from your workflow. You can control whether or not you want to send to unsubscribed people from your campaign settings, or from the individual message settings, by default our campaigns will not send messages to unsubscribed people. (


The only workflow type that does not allow sending emails are data (webhook-triggered) campaign workflows. If you need to send a message from that type of campaign, we would suggest sending an event from that workflow to trigger an event-triggered campaign — wherein you can send messages.