Option for customers to exit a workflow in a campaign

  • 6 April 2022
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How can I add a link to an email body that allows customers to drop out of a specific workflow without having to unsubscribe from emails? We have a campaign that runs in our Production workspace. We’ve had requests for customers to not receive further communications from this campaign, but do not wish to fully unsubscribe from our mailing lists. Is this possible and if so, is there a set of instructions of how to set this up?

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Hi Marcela,

Thank you for sharing this question with our Community ;)

It is possible to have people exit a campaign journey after clicking a link or button in an email. Doing so will require additional setup on your end, please take a look at the instructions below:

  1.  First, it would be important to decide where the link navigates. I recommend a basic page stating that the person has decided to opt out of the campaign. You'll need to track the link click and/or the page view.
  2. Next, using the URL for the opt-out link, you can build a segment. The segment conditions can either check that a specific URL was clicked or the page was viewed. You'll need to be sure that you're either tracking link clicks and/or page views.

Example 1:
Example 2:

  1. Now, the new segment can be used as a campaign filter. You'll want to use the filter "Not in segmentName" so that the campaign does not allow people in segmentName to enter, but also they can be filtered out prior to receiving a subsequent message per the current exit condition "They don't match the campaign's triggers and filters."

    Before you make any changes to a live campaign, I recommend that you first review what will happen in this doc Campaign & Broadcast Changes documentation.