How best to handle a "task due in 3 days" email?

  • 16 March 2023
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What is the easiest way to trigger an email to a person that has been assigned a task that is due on a specific date?


For example “You have 3 days to complete <task>!”


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Hello PLC,

that depends a bit on how and if you stored the task information in CIO. I think the most important information would be:

  • Task name
  • Due date
  • URL to task

You could create a segment which includes everyone who has a task due date in the future and and then create a campaign which waits until the due date minus three days to send the email.

This, however, only works if a person can only be assigned one task. If one person can have more than one task you would have to create campaigns for each task.

Since this will be most likely the case, you might consider to set up / use the event in your “task tool” and send a webhook to CIO. This event has to be fired 3 days before the due date. In CIO, you can send the email as soon as the event is received.


Which tool for the task are you using?


Hope that helps,


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Hi there! Felix’s tips are spot on, I’d also like to add a resource explaining how our date-based campaigns work by using a profile attribute: