Dynamic Coupon Codes

  • 22 March 2024
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We want to re-engage some of our users by offering unique coupon codes. I am trying to find an easy way (I am not very technical) to implement dynamic coupon codes. Saw that post from one year ago and I wonder if there are any other solutions: 

Coupon codes should be personal and I would love to know whether it has been used or not. What would be the best and the easiest way to do it? Does have any coupon management and generation providers they easily integrate with? 


1 reply

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Hi there,

Ryan from the team here 👋

Jumping into your question, Felix does a good job at covering your options with currently - we don’t have a native feature here, so those listed are great ones to explore.

Personally speaking, I like the option of giving each profile a unique code as an attribute on their profile. This allows you to reference this code from within your messaging easily. You can find information about adding and updating profiles here: