Does support Frequency Optimization (FrO)?

  • 21 March 2023
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If so, is it based on campaigns (so limiting frequency within a campaign) or overall time frame (in instances where a user is part of multiple campaigns)? 


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Hi Kayla! Thanks for your question! 

On a campaign level, you can tell us how often a Person should be allowed to enter each Campaign via Frequency settings. If the frequency is set, People can re-enter at fixed intervals (e.g., every week) or when they re-match the trigger conditions and qualify for re-entry.

Additionally, you can set a Message Limit to determine the maximum number of messages that you can send people within a time frame. This is set at the workspace level, and then you determine which campaigns, broadcasts, and messages count towards the limit.

When a person reaches the limit, we mark their messages as Undeliverable. You can select undeliverable messages on the Deliveries & Drafts page and click Retry to re-send a message. When you retry a message, you have the option to ignore your message limit to make sure your audience gets your message.

Hope this helps!