Determing to Send a Reminder Email in a Campaign

  • 22 December 2022
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Looking for advice on how to handle a workflow. The situation: we use to send a customer survey that’s triggered by a event we send. We’ve built a campaign that looks for that event and then sends the customer survey. We want to send a reminder 4 days later if they haven’t clicked on the link in the invite survey invite email. So we have a 4 day delay then branching logic to check if they’ve clicked on a link in that initial survey invite. If they have not clicked, the reminder is sent.

Works fine at first. However, our customers may have additional events in the future where we want to send them this same email survey invite again. And our branching logic checks to see if a link was clicked on that email at any time in the past. So if a customer clicked on the survey in September, then when we use that same campaign to send an invite in December, the reminder for the December send will never trigger. I was hoping that I could specify that the click must be in a certain time frame, but don’t see any option that would address that.

I feel like this is a fairly common workflow. Any suggestions? And it may be that I should be approaching this a completely different way. Thanks in advance.


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Hey there, 


If the branching logic in your campaign can use a segment, then the segment condition can set a timeframe for the link being clicked. 

It could looks like this: 


‘any email’ would be replaced by the name of your specific email in the workflow. 


If you require further directions it would be best to email the technical support team ( with links to your workflow.