Can you limit messages for a customer lifecycle that excludes certain days?

  • 24 February 2023
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I know you can limit the number of messages an individual gets (as to not spam if they so happen to be part of different campaigns, but. are you able to limit sends in a lifecycle journey to exclude certain days of the week?


If so, how are exclusion days set up? By stating the day of the week (lets say, no messages on Sundays) or could I say no messages if they’ve received 4 emails in 3 weeks, OR no emails on a Sunday if it’s the first Sunday of the month. Conditions like that. Any detail helps while thinking of my campaigns! Thanks


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Hi Alisha, 

Thanks for writing in about this. I am pleased to share that yes you can limit sends in a lifecycle journey to exclude specific days. 

The workflow builder allows you to adjust scheduling of your email sends. You have several delay options to add that can help you accomplish this, including time delay actions, wait until actions and time window actions. 

I hope that helps! All the best building that ideal lifecycle!